Traditional macaronsMacarons are little rond cakes, crispy outside and mellow inside. They are always made with almond powder, egg whites and sugar. They are often flavoured with chocolate, coffee, vanilla, strawberry, pistachio or hazelnut.

Their origin is very ancient. The original recipe was probably created in Venice in the VIII century. Macarons were imported to France during the Renaissance and became immediately popular.Some cities like Nancy became famous for their production; macarons were prepared by Carmelite nuns who adopted the precept that almonds are healthy for ladies who don’t eat meat.

In Paris, since the XIX century, macarons are essentially served in tea salons. The most famous one is Ladurée whose macarons were appended by two and garnished with a ganache. This presentation became the new norm and it is how confectioners propose macarons nowadays.

In our private kitchen, we serve a lemon-basil filled macaron as a side dish to the lavender cream.


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