4 stars out of 5 Gaia Private Kitchen by 東方日報 10/4/2015


Thank you very much for the review from Oriental Daily (東方日報), which gives us 4 stars out of 5!  For

more details, please visit http://orientaldaily.on.cc/cnt/lifestyle/20150410/00296_001.html

Gratitude to Gaia!


西貢私竇 法菜有葷素 by 太陽報 7/4/2015


Thank you very much 太陽報 (The Sun on.cc) for introducing Gaia private kitchen presenting our 2015 spring menu.  For our 2015 summer, please check here.

*correction of information from the news clip: 阿爾卑斯芝士烤迷你玉米夾餅is made of polenta instead of starch.

隱蔽法式私房菜 by 飲食男女

飲食男女 #1024 13th March 2015


Thank you 飲食男女!

Go Green新蒲點 by founder of Green Monday 楊大偉

Go Green introduce Gaia Private Kitchen as a new nice spot to Go Green


Thank you Green Monday! Thank you to Go Green!