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Please feel free to contact us for bookings or any enquiry by filling the form below.

Please make a reservation at least three days in advance for us to prepare your delicious and hearty meals.

To respect the serenity of the village and our neighbours we close at 10.30 pm.


為了讓大家吃到最新鮮和原汁原味的法國菜和給予我們充裕時間準備 (有些食材預備需時三天), 煩請大家至少三天前預約.

我們都尊重小村和鄰舍的寧靜, Gaia Private Kitchen的關門時間為晚上十時半.

Thank you very much! Namaste.

Where are we:
Sai Kung Sha Kok Mei Village

Mobile phone number:
+852 6745 8414 (whatsapp)