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無麩質蕎麥朱古力曲奇餅食譜 gluten-free chocolate crispy cookie receipe

易製 可口 健康 (若你懂適可而止)

vegetarian butter free egg free cookies

gluten free snack

可製份量: 10-12曲奇餅


1/2杯+2 湯匙 (約50克) 無麩質燕麥片
2 湯匙 蕎麥粉(除另外註明,一般的蕎麥粉是不含麩質的)
1/4茶匙 蘇打粉 (baking soda)
1/8茶匙 海鹽
1 1/2湯匙 有機原蔗糖 (sucanat)
1茶匙 無糖可可粉
1/2茶匙 天然雲呢拿香精 (natural vanilla extract)
1湯匙 蜂蜜
2湯匙 原巧克力片
1湯匙 初榨椰子油
1-2湯匙 杏仁奶
1-2湯匙 杏仁碎

healthy chocolate cookies

  1. 預熱焗爐至375度。
  2. 用攪拌機拌勻燕麥、蕎麥麵粉、蘇打粉、鹽、糖、無糖可可粉和雲呢拿香精。
  3. 將拌好的燕麥、蕎麥麵粉、蘇打粉、鹽、糖、和無糖可可粉和雲呢拿香精倒入碗中,並慢慢加入椰子油、蜂蜜和奶,拌勻,直到混為一團。
  4. 用手指捏麵團,如果麵團不夠粘,可再慢慢逐次加入奶,令粉團足以粘結揉成小團。
  5. 拌入巧克力片和杏仁碎。
  6. 用一個小勺或手,捏麵團成丸子,平均放在烘盤上的牛油紙上。
  7. 放進焗爐烘烤6分鐘,或直至曲奇四邊緣開始鬆脆。
  8. 讓香氣撲鼻的曲奇「冷靜」2-3分鐘,直到它們形狀固定和變得更鬆脆。healthy chocolate snack

Voilà ! Bon appetit!

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Traditional macaronsMacarons are little rond cakes, crispy outside and mellow inside. They are always made with almond powder, egg whites and sugar. They are often flavoured with chocolate, coffee, vanilla, strawberry, pistachio or hazelnut.

Their origin is very ancient. The original recipe was probably created in Venice in the VIII century. Macarons were imported to France during the Renaissance and became immediately popular.Some cities like Nancy became famous for their production; macarons were prepared by Carmelite nuns who adopted the precept that almonds are healthy for ladies who don’t eat meat.

In Paris, since the XIX century, macarons are essentially served in tea salons. The most famous one is Ladurée whose macarons were appended by two and garnished with a ganache. This presentation became the new norm and it is how confectioners propose macarons nowadays.

In our private kitchen, we serve a lemon-basil filled macaron as a side dish to the lavender cream.