Four seasons, Five elemenst and Our Daily Bread 不時不吃

不時不吃 Nourishing ourselves with the seasons

Life flows with ease. The earth offers us different seasons with different texture, various flavors, smells and colours of natural resources to nurture us. If we choose what we eat according to what the nature provides us, both of us (man and the Cosmo) will be more nourishing.

Below is a glimpse at the relationships between four seasons (how the nature goes through its tides), five elements, the interactions between different internal organs and systems, according to traditional Chinese medicine and The Emperor’s Inner Canon (黃帝內經). 

sai kung french private kitchen healthy eating with the seasons

sai kung french Gaia private kitchen healthy eating with the seasons

Gratitude to Gaia, for offering us with all these magical food we had in different seasons in our Gaia Private Kitchen (西貢法式私房菜)’s private kitchen .


環保酵素 DIY eco cleaner- show your love to the nature

Eco enzymes – the best multi-purposes cleaner I ever used

An year ago, I have been looking for some floor cleaning product for my granite floor which is environmental friendly, easy to make and as well economical. After doing some research on internet and other sources, I tried and finally  have been using this DIY enzymes(turn out to be multi-purpose cleanser) since then, I really love it and hope more and more people to give it a try!

What do you need?

kitchen waste+sugar+water

            3      :      1        :    10

+air-tight plastic bottle+ little bit of time+love

= eco multi-purpose household cleaning product

 kitchen waste : anything raw from your leftover after you prepared a lovely meal or dead parts of the plants. e.g. fruit peel, rotten vegetable, dead flowers

tips: avoid using cooked meat and fish to have an friendly fruity smell of your enzymes.

sugar: actually any sugar will do (i tried white, brown and molasses), but brown sugar or molasses sugar will give a more powerful effect.

water :just thanks for our luck to have convenient running water from our tap, and turn it on.

Here are the easy step by step:

 an air-tight plastic bottle

air-tight plastic bottle with marks

1.Divided the plastic reused bottle into 18-20 parts (14 for the “ingredients” and the left is to leave some space for the magic fermentation to do its work) evenly with a marker.

fill the bottle with sugar

fill the bottle with sugar

2. Fill the bottle with sugar (i use light muscovado) until the 1st mark of the bottle.

sugar and water solution

dilute the sugar in the water

3. Add the water in, until the 10th or 11th mark.

peel of orange and banana

fruit peels chopped

4. Cut the kitchen waste into tiny pieces (it is not necessary, but I find it will be easier to take them out after the enzymes is made and use them as fertilizers) and fill them into the bottle until the 13th or 14th mark.


left: freshly eco enzymes right: eco enzymes ready to use after 4 months

5. Voilà! It’s almost done, just leave this bottle energetically alive for at least three months to do nature’s magic, filter and ready to use.

Don’t forget to open the cap and say hi to it everyday, and let it breathe to avoid rupturing due to pressure.

What do we use for:

  • soak our vegetables and fruit with water , then rinse it before cooking and eating. Yummy!.
  • dilute in water and clean our granite floor and feel fresh and happy about that.
  • put it with non chemical detergent to do laundry in the washing machine. They are really cleaner and i feel good to the drainage system.
  • dilute in water and water my plants.
  • decompose the residue and as fertilizers for plants.
  • drain the toilet to avoid blockage.
  • and do much more which is benefitcial to the environment…and I feel so good when my garbage is much lighter!

For more details of this gift from nature, and how it happens in details, you could visit or for it in chinese 環保酵素,

Gratitude to Gaia and Dr. Rosukon from Thailand who developed this gift!