Welcome to Gaia private kitchen!

We love good food, we love healthy home cuisine, we love nature.
We are a freshly opened french private kitchen in Sai Kung, Gaia Private Kitchen.
Thankful to Gaia,  the mother nature giving us all these.

We respect and support.

We propose both delightful vegetarian and non-vegetarian authentic french menus prepared with quality ingredients. We use natural, organic,  sustainable and Hongkong locally farmed products as much as possible.

For more details and our menu, please contact us
or visit our Facebook page.

Gratitude to Gaia.


我們珍愛美食,我們尊敬大自然,我們享受烹製住家饗餐。感謝 Gaia, 大地之母。
我們是位於鄰近西貢市的正宗法國私房菜,gaia private kitchen

我們的法國廚師儘可能使用香港本地種植, 可持續發展和有機食材, 使你可品嘗原汁原味正宗的法國

為慶祝膳飲的分享和gaia private kitchen法式私廚房的開始,所有法式餐和葷餐都能獲得九折優惠(生蠔除外)。

如想了解更多, 請查詢 , 或發電子郵件 到 gaiaprivatekitchen@gmail.com 或

 Bon appetit!